Student coach calls

Student coaching should provide a core focus to elevate a students potential in their studies and future. Our primary focus is on developing decision making skill sets. Guiding students through critical thinking assists in developing growth transitional stages from high school to post secondary and into life. The ideal work with students includes pathways to successful careers. Most students we work with have a general idea of what direction they want to take however most are unable to confidently say they are making the right choice. Fears of the future hinder success.

A 1 hour coach call will typically address what fears are currently faced by the student. Opportunities are discussed that will lead to the optimal solution. Skills and techniques to increase critical thinking are worked through such that the student can continue to make decisions and feel confident about their decisions.

A 4 month mentorship program will typically address ongoing issues and fears a student may have. Typically we find this with students who have developed large amounts of anxiety due to their environment. This is worked through over time. Mentors are great at supporting the growth and working through new opportunities when confidence is limited.

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