Investors Wanted

Are you an investor? Are you interested in getting the most out of your team, startup, and investment?

Our program and supported coaching and mentoring solutions reduce the risk and the questions of “what if”.


01. Supported growth for your investment through coaching.

02. Accountability from your team and startup.

03. Aligned coaching and mentoring with vision and strategy.

04. Customized approach to suit the needs of your investment.

The Vision


We are currently working to develop a full set of courses that will encompass the main areas of knowledge that anyone launching an idea will need.

These courses will be built into a full program, allowing end users to find all the information they need to understand all aspects of business, including the mindset needed to be a successful entrepreneur.


The goal is to create an environment that will bring the idea generator, investor, and customer together. They will then work together, travelling in the same direction, while developing an understanding of the growth mindset.

The next step is to customize the courses, tailoring them to individual industries and people alike.


Our goal is to expand the courses into a full program, customized to the needs of any investor or investment group supporting a new startup—whether during the early stages or while scaling.

The process includes mindset training through coach calls, in order to help better understand the entrepreneurship environment.


Giving people a chance to succeed is a priority. Sometimes their idea isn’t quite there yet, and sometimes their cash flow won’t allow them to grow. We are devoted to making sure we capitalize on opportunities, by giving everyone an opportunity.

About our process


01 The number one goal in any growth plan, is to set up clear communication of wants, needs, expectations, and of course, accountability.

03 Support levels are based on the required needs of each organization. We first analyze the requirements, then advise according to specific needs. Our 3 support packages differ according to the specific needs of different oganizations. For example, one organization may just need the course ware and limited support, while another may need full-time coaching.

02  A discovery walk-through with stakeholders allows us to establish a clear path for success.

04 Customization for every learning block. All investors face similar problems, and have specific needs. Our goal here is to customize course ware and coaching to align with investment vision.


01 Our number one requirement for all clients. Accountability is critical to success. and all stakeholders must be accountable. The investment and personal/organizational reputations of everyone are on the line.

03 Check-ins may be done through any tool preferred by the client. Facebook, zoom, and other tools may be used. Of course, check-ins by phone are our preference.

02 Packages are customized based on agreed requirements. Accountability is measured by both tangible and intangible success criteria. Timelines must be adhered to when proceeding through the program.

04 Monthly reporting can be a custom add-on to any agreement. Follow up emails are made with either clients or coach, which is open and available for all parties to review.


01 The goal is to grow a business. Ongoing discovery is critical to success. Every plan includes opportunities and risks. We like to think that every risk can be turned into an opportunity if caught early and planned for.

03 Long term relationships are opportunities for investment. Mentors Approach is willing to invest when the program is completed and relationships with stakeholders align with our growth success mindset.

02 Add-on services such as business plans, accounting, branding, social media advertising, etc. are available for growing companies with strong cash flow OR strong potential for investment.

04 We create the opportunity to support long-term, in an inclusive environment. Our goal is make sure everyone is experiencing the growth they deserve. Community is the goal, one in which we plan to invest considerably over the next few years.

Are We a Fit?

We hand pick every client we work with. and accountability is a must. We fully vet each investor or investment group before working together.
WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR 01. Investor or Investment group with long-term goals.02. Early stage, startups, and scaling companies.03. Monthly budget of +$20k invested into operations and marketing.04. Growth mindset with big vision.

Talk to Us

Connect with us to get the process underway. If we are a good fit, we will work to customize a winning solution, worthy of your investment.

01. Connect with Nikos Rentas through LinkedIn.

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