Flexibility On Learning

Just the Courses

Purchase the just the MAP courses with LIFTIME ACCESS. You still get your option to be part of the regular online groups for help and support from group members and the team. You can always upgrade to the Members Lounge for more support.

Members Lounge Access

Get the access to fully support your learning. The program gives provides separate groups to offer a well rounded support with group coach calls and walk throughs of Q/A along with added on perks! Don't forget, LIFETIME ACCESS to courses.

Customize Your Learning

Need more support with your learning? Check out our other custom programs that will give you access to more direct learning and coaching tailored to your needs. Our programs can last short term or long term. Commitment Required.

Learning Choices

Select the best options for your learning.

Questions? Join the Free Community!

Jump into our membership site for free to check out the free courses and join the free group to get your questions answered.