Should You Hire a Student for Online Content Creation

Should You Hire a Student for Online Content Creation

In this video, Nikos from discusses the pros and cons of hiring a student to help with online content. The primary driving factor for hiring students often comes down to finances, as they can offer cost-effective assistance. However, Nikos warns against indiscriminately hiring students without considering their skills or your business needs, which could potentially lead to adverse impacts on your business.

Nikos argues that hiring a student can be successful if there’s a well-thought-out plan in place. With such a plan, even a student can deliver excellent work if properly trained. Conversely, a lack of planning can lead to a subpar outcome, even when hiring seasoned professionals.

The video emphasizes the importance of understanding what specific skills the student brings and what you want them to do according to your plan. Nikos shares his experience with hiring students for specific skill sets they excel at, thus enabling them to contribute significantly to different businesses.

Moreover, he highlights the importance of the student’s willingness to learn and grow. The most beneficial students are those who are proactive, eager to learn, and see the opportunity as more than just a job. This willingness allows them to use their role for portfolio development and to gain further skills, thus making them more valuable to your business in the long run.

Lastly, Nikos reminds viewers about the importance of supporting and nurturing the student’s growth, as this not only benefits the student but also the business and its leadership. He shares examples of students staying with companies for years because they had growth opportunities and felt supported.

Nikos encourages viewers to share their experiences with hiring students, emphasizing that proper planning, risk assessment, and a nurturing environment are key factors to consider before going forward with such a decision.

Here are 5 questions to consider:

  1. Question: What is one of the main reasons business owners consider hiring a student for their online content? Answer: Often, the primary reason is cost-effectiveness. Students are often more affordable compared to experienced professionals, and they usually have a good understanding of modern online tools and platforms.
  2. Question: What risks are associated with hiring a student without careful consideration? Answer: If a student isn’t experienced or knowledgeable enough, they could potentially damage the business’s online presence, which could lead to negative impacts on the brand and potentially financial losses.
  3. Question: When is it a good time to hire a student for your online content needs? Answer: It’s advisable to hire a student when you have a clear marketing plan and you can guide them according to your specific needs. If a student is eager to learn and grow, they can be a great addition to your team.
  4. Question: How should you choose a student to hire for your online content needs? Answer: Look at their resume and their online profiles. Determine what they are good at, whether it’s video, photography, or writing, and hire them based on that skill set.
  5. Question: How can business owners support the growth of student employees? Answer: They should nurture the opportunity for them to grow, provide opportunities to expand their skills, and let them use the work they do for their portfolios. This encourages the students to put in their best effort, and in turn, helps the business grow.

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