Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Course

41 Lessons

Health Wellness and Lifestyle

A course to help people with the overall wellness with focusing on a good diet and excerice.

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The Course for Everyone

Course and Community​

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This course was created with the thought of anyone who needs to see change in their lives. We all start from somewhere in life, we all have had good and bad experiences, and we all deserver second chances. These second chances come from making the right decisions at the right time. So grab the knowledge!

For Everyone

This course has been created for everyone who wants and needs to see a better version of themselves. This is a walk through of how to get healthy, fit, and full of energy by understanding how to research and learn what is best for themselves. The goal is to establish a lifestyl change that bring success and happiness that is sustain long term

Has It's Own Group

Yes, this course, has its own group. The goal here is to see people share their thoughts, expriances and the process in growth through different situations. The goal is to start discussions that will help people start to understand and implement healthy decisions.

Why Everyone Needs this Course

Reaching long term goals with health can be easy but it isn’t always the case. People always look at the knowledge given for the average individual insted of focusing on their personal needs and abilities. Taking responsibility and being accountable to one’s actions is the name of game for true personal growth to happen.

Being able to understand our limitations is the first step to successfully changing our lifestyle and start moving in the right direction with our health. The goal is sustain changes that will allow us to see a lasting impact. We often overdue it and it hinders our growth. 

The first critial goal to see change after researching what needs to change for overall wellness is to improve our good habits and slowly change our bad habbits. This process takes time, however, as habits change and a positive direction is established it becomes easier to break bad habits. 

Taking accountability for our actions is a critical step for succesful change. Personal responsibility and accountability go hand in hand. We recognize this isn’t alway easy. The group is there to support members who are going through changes and need that community to be by there side. 

Taking action to finally see change is a difficult task. Our goal is to see each member start to see change on their pace with a continual build on progress. The effort is not reverting back or losing focus to the point we fall off the ride to a healthy lifestyle.  This means breaking the rut quickly and making sure our new healthy habits stay in place.

Asking for help can be a challenge for some while for others it is so quick that not enough time is given to even feel a glimpse of the uncomfortableness. Our goal is to learn to ask the right way so that growth can happen. We are here to see success in our changes. 

Who Benefits From This Course?

This course has been designed for individuals who want to see a change in the health through understanding how to research and learn what is best for themselves. 

This is not a one size fit all course guaranteeing success that never happens. This is a lifestyle change approach where we continually strive to figure out what best approach will work for our body. 

The goal is to implement changes such that they are long lasting changes bringing optimal benefits for success to happen. When we work on the body we work on the mind helping us have an overall health approach. 

If you want to be healthy, fit, and feel good so you can achieve your goals this course is for you!

Does This Course Take Time?

It is a long course with over 60 lessons and several hours of content. There will be more content given. This course is not one of those let’s get the material over with and lets practice. It is created with a step by step approach to put practice into play such that new habits will form. 

Our advice is to go through it once, complete a self analysis, and then return to each section to work through the aspects you need to work on most. 

Join the group and get the discussions going that you need more information on. Again, this is a self learning process and we learn the most from others.

Does This Course Have a Group?

This course has at group with the mindset course that helps to deal with the different aspects that don’t relate to business, tech or other subjects. This course deals with the idea behind the health and wellness and can relate to other subjects but not 100% each time. We will create more subgroups as we go through this process. Again, the goal is to build around growthw for each member.