Nikos Rentas, BEd, BSc. PMP, OCT

I am the guy who worked from the bottom up, chasing the dream. The life I wanted didn’t fit with the most of the world, but I strived to achieve it.

I am the guy who loves building companies, working with great people, and surrounding myself with opportunities for happiness.

My coaching practice has been a recent push by friends, family, and colleagues who continually describe me as the go-to guy for advice.

My coaching strategies stem from life experiences working in the corporate world, as a teacher, and in the start-up universe. They stem from the relationships I have had, the great opportunities that came with them, and the tragedies I have survived.

I relate to people on a level that is human, while I teach purpose, integrity, and self-love.

My goal with everything client is to see them succeed in their personal life and professional life, which will in turn help them achieve self-love at a whole new level.

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