Am I on the RIGHT path? Setting the Right Goals

Am I on the RIGHT path?  Setting the Right Goals

Am I on the RIGHT path? Setting the Right Goals: In this video we look at the idea of “am I on the right path?”. When setting the right goals, we often questions if we are on the right path. Everyone goes through this thought process wondering if this is the direction to be moving on. We talk about the difference between being on the right path and moving in the right direction as the two are different.

We follow through on the video explaining 3 tips to really analyze ourselves on this idea of whether we are on the right path and what to do to make sure we are making progress.

How does being on the right path affect us?

For one, on a positive note, we are able to see progress that is positive. This is because we are able to start seeing positive change. Small steps in the process of moving forward through this path with are on.

Secondly, on a negative note, we are able to see bad decision being made, analyze what is hurting our growth and bring forth the opportunity to remove bad continual decisions (usually because of bad habits or self limiting beliefs) and focus on good solid progressed based decisions. 

As we start to move forward on the path we start on, we are able to start seeing what is good for us instead of what is bad for us. That feeling comes from the gut even if we can not logically and rationally understand it.

To give an example of this, I didn’t know where buying a camera would take me. However, it started feeling good to make better content that I was proud of.

I started applying it to many more areas of business and now see a direction of where I need to go in with both me on a personal level and with my businesses. This is all due to the fact that I started following a path that felt good. Because of the continual small wins, success started to grow on a compound level.

How is the path not healthy for us?

The general understanding of a path is that there is direction. However, after helping people day in and day out for over a decade now, I have come to a realization that a path has not understood direction. As explained above it is based on the gut. We get the gut feeling to make decisions.

However, if these decisions do not yield positive success moments (big or small) our motivation starts to decrease, self limiting beliefs creep up, failure mentality comes to the for front and all of the sudden the path we are on doesn’t feel right.

Are you on the right path is questioned once again and either commitment and faith keeps us moving on the path with minor changes OR we quit to start something new. The goal again of finding the right path is to see progress with small wins. The gut feeling is usually based on this progress.

How is asking am I on the right path a good question to ask for moving in the right direction?

Asking am I on the right path helps us eventually realize, through rational thinking, that a general direction has been created.  This is to say, that as the gut keeps making decisions and the wins start happening, the rational mind starts seeing a pattern in the path. This pattern starts to align the emotional thinking with the rational thinking.

Planning direction starts to occur more often than not as confidence start to grow.  Moving in the right direction is based on the decisions we are making to move on the right path. Adding rational thinking helps make those decisions of moving on the right path easier with confidence in the forefront. 

So, does moving on the right path bring the right direction? Yes, the answer is yes. How? 

Are we setting the right goals? 

Setting the right goals start to shape up as our path starts to shape up. We usually set a main goal and as we start making better decisions the goals start shaping up to be more aligned to what we need to be doing to progress and get those small wins. 

Examples are plentiful of this. Let’s look at one that really stands out. You start working out because you have to lose wait. You may start with a plan that is aggressive or a slow growth. As you start to work out you realize that adjustments need to start happening. This is because your emotional side made the decision to start working out.

What is setting the right goals?

Setting the right goals is thus, a simple understanding that once we starting on a path towards a goal, it is the rational side that has created the goal based on who we felt we were in the moment of motivation. This is to say, we were picturing who we would be when we smashed those goals. We created this vision. 

As we start to work towards it, we make decisions to move towards it, emotional up and downs occur, reality checks come into place. As we do this, we set more structured goals aligned to who we are right now. The path reveals it self in the process to be moving in a positive direction. 

Next video on Mentors Approach YouTube channel

Check out our YouTube video above on “Am I on the right path? Setting the right goals” and re-read this article. Ask your self are you on a path, is it leading you somewhere positive, what can you do to start moving in a general direction that will help you grow. Then apply your changes to see more growth. 

In the next video on YouTube, we will be looking at growing our understanding of moving on the right direction as we exit the right path process, how to grow faster and with more confidence, and finally how to take advantage of opportunities and move in the right direction.

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