Is your Business Failing During Lock Downs? My Take and 3 tips

Is your Business Failing During Lock Downs? My Take and 3 tips

If your business is failing watching this! My take on the businesses failing with the lock downs and what you can do to jump start a better move forward. Making the right decision at the right time is critical and in this video we explore how to think in the situation you might be in with 3 steps all revolving around time, energy and money, how you invest the 3 and how to understand your return on the decisions you might be making.

0:00 Intro
0:25 About this video
0:52 Reading the email
1:29 Getting emails and helping issues
2:05 Big business vs small business and government
2:42 Email analysis? my take!
4:10 Perspective of failing businesses (STEPS)
5:38 Perspective of personal situation (STEPS)
6:30 Example of perspective (Time, Energy and Money)
7:30 ROI- Return on Investment – What to do next
8:25 Scenario of fail but hey on last time?
9:05 Exit strategy? You need it!
10:35 Perspective of ROI and failure – emotional control
10:40 Opportunities and decisions- Reality vs Emotion

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