Gear Buying | Plan Before you Invest in Online Marketing

Gear Buying | Plan Before you Invest in Online Marketing

Gear buying can be quite an expensive adventure. Planning out the right way can go a long way for your budget. Often is the case that people don’t think, watch some Youtuber, ask their camera buddy who knows everything, and then make irrational purchases. Fast forward 1 to 2 months later and they realize this was all a waste of money and there is no ROI.

This video walks us through the planning before you invest in online marketing. The idea of buying gear in accordance to the plan before you just dump a whole bunch of money into some gear that you may not ever use. Lights, mics, and editing along with your smartphone’s camera should be the starting goal for everyone.

0:28 Intro
0:52 Investing vs Spending
2:35 Step 1: understanding the plan
2:58 Step 2: time, energy and money
3:20 Step 3: what can we invest in wisely
4:35 Step 4: What can we do with what we have before investing
5:17 Step 5: Process of purchases – Mic, Lights and Editing?
6:44 Step 6: Learning Curve? Cameras?
8:00 Step 7: Final Thoughts

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