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Build Your Mindset

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  1. About this Course
  2. Introduction

    How to Find Success in This Course
  3. Why Did We Create This Course?
  4. Time. The Constant Theme Found in Everything
  5. Understand The Aspects of Mindset Growth
    About Mindset and These Topics
  6. Time, Energy, and Money. Your Investment in Life.
  7. Self Analysis. When Was Your Last Time?
  8. Perspective, Perception and Reality
  9. Are you Who You Think You Are? Are You Who You Want To Be?
  10. What's the Narrative?
  11. Understand Your Self First
    EGO and FEAR
  12. Priorities and You
  13. What is Your Mission and Purpose in Life?
  14. What Are Your Values?
  15. Integrity Is Everything
  16. Goals? What and Where Are They?
  17. Perception; YOU vs THEM
  18. Start Growing Your Mindset
    How to Say No and Mean it
  19. Regret's we Live With. Stop it Now!
  20. Self Limiting Beliefs and Awareness
  21. Critical Self Analysis: Fixing Self Limiting Beliefs 101
  22. Manage Expectations. Be Realistic!
  23. Habits. Got Good Ones?
  24. The Only Friend You Need Is You
  25. Take Control
    Life is a Negotiation
  26. Know Your Leverage
  27. People will Make or Break You
  28. Take Responsibility. You and Only You!
  29. Be Accountable. Trust Yourself.
  30. Self Confidence is On-Going
  31. Self Esteem Build Up
  32. Deal with Guilt
  33. Forgive Yourself. You Aren't Perfect
  34. Emotional Control, Expectations, and Patience
  35. Reacting vs Responding. Always Ask Which Is In Control
  36. Break the Rut. Build The Future
    Eagle Eye View
  37. Opportunities Exist. Find them Make the Plan
  38. Set Priorities and Stick to Your Values for the Win!
  39. Be Consistent. Create the Habits. Right Decisions at the Right Time!
  40. Momentum Will Push You! But first it Needs to Pull You!
  41. Don't Lose Time: Procrastination. END IT!
  42. Good Relationship? Only Keep Winners in Your Life
  43. Toxic People and How to Deal
  44. Yes, There is a Right Way to Quit: Quitting vs Giving up
  45. Understand the Risks to Mitigate Them
  46. Will I Regret It? Expectations and Emotions
  47. Asking for Help
    The Idea of Help
  48. Understand What You NEED
  49. Understand Expectations
  50. Find Who You NEED
  51. Advice: Good vs Bad
  52. Friends and Help
  53. Family and Help
  54. Paid Help vs Free Help
  55. Result Driven Help
  56. Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, Professionals? Should You Go?
  57. Coaches vs Consultants
  58. Respect People. Respect Their Time. Respect Your Time
  59. Thank you and Most Important Tips
    Most Important Tips of All
  60. Thank You For Watching
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