Protect Your Investment

Your investments need protection and most ventures have a similar story of failure to address the critical needs of the decision making positions. 


Understand the need

Bring solutions to the table

Integrate in supported method

3 Nerds Story

  • This is to address the common pain point for investors we have worked with in the past and the experiences of both the investors and the start-up leaders.



Long Term Gain

Our goal is to work with the investors who are starting on their first few or have a portfolio who want to align their vision of investing and success model into new investment opportunities.


How we work to integrate the ivnestment model

Catering learning material to the specified model

Ongoing support and communication between all parties

Supported Growth

Supported growth should be available every step of the way. Our goal is to be able to provide the required amount of support that will curve the learning while growth is happening. Our thought process is simple and can provide the assistance of that CEO or CTO decision making learning techniques that will help your investment make the right decisions at the right time in accordance to the expectation of you the investor. 

 Business plan review and revision (Business plan limited based on strength of document already existing)

Marketing and advertising review and revisions (based on existing structure)

 Product development review and revisions aligning with business plan and marketing plan 

Product/service launch/relaunch support aligning product and service development to going to market

Project based requirements review for current and future alignment with business development

Mentorship guidance for completion

All courses are included into the package

Custom course can be created to support the development of investor model

Weekly or Daily communication (email/phone/Group) with Mentorsapproach team members.

In person meetings (travel pending based on location) are available by request*

We will invest time, energy and money if the project is deemed to fit portfolio and aggreement can be made. We will participate in coaching through the investment process of our clients in either case. 

Ready for Growth
A fully mentored package fitted for your team

Customize Your Packages
Customize and package as needed. Multiple company support will be scaled in accordance to support requirements.

See the available courses here:

As an investor with an approved login you have access to view all courses. Click the link and follow through to all the content available. Are goal is to specialize in creating custom content for investors if needed.

Please note the following:

DOES NOT include business plan
DOES NOT include marketing plan
DOES NOT include marketing materials (web development, stationary, etc)
DOES NOT include a full time employee.
****Protect your investment. Investors package coming soon****
****Unlimited means booking still needs to follow rules. Must be booked in advanced. Must book 1-2 sessions online. Must book no more than 2 phone sessions per week. Single sessions are still 45 minutes long. This also includes expectations of after hours and immediate needs or insurgencies.