Taking a year off to figure out life didn’t work out. What now?

Taking a year off to figure out life didn’t work out.  What now?

We often take time to make decisions. Sometimes we take too long. The goal is to understand that certain decisions need to be made by a certain point and if they don’t, life will make them for us. In this email reply I address a student who took a year off to figure out what direction to go in their education and career. After not getting anywhere they are stuck with nothing but heartache and disappointment and pressure from the parents.

Questions to ask: How to find myself? Taking time to figure life out? How much time do you need? What should I do with my life after high school? What should I do with my life right now? I need help deciding my career, how should I find it?

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Looking at these in detail will launch us in the right direction.

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Time to start winning in business 2018
Time to start achieving success in my career in 2018
Time to start having success in my relationships 2018
Time to start smashing my goals 2018
Winning mentality is around the corner!
Find a niche in business
find a sub-niche now!
Start fresh and smash those goals

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