Successful Exit | Quitting the Path (part 2)

Successful Exit | Quitting the Path (part 2)

Successful Exit | Quitting the Path (part 2): In this video we look at the idea behind quitting the path as it relates to a successful exit in leaving one path and starting another. In the first video of quitting the path part 1, we looked at the emotions and how they curve the level of success we will have in our opportunities coming. The emotions, once under control, start to drive the next set of decisions by introducing confidence every step of the way.

The goal here is to understand that regret plays havoc in our lives. This is especially true on big important decisions. Our goal is to make sure we address our emotions first, and then follow the steps to place our selves in a winning situation. Packaging the experiences and successes into a winning gift for that next path we start.

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