Starting a Business During Lock Down? Yes, it is a Good Time

Starting a Business During Lock Down?  Yes, it is a Good Time

Starting a business is challenging in the best of time. During a lock down it gets even more challenging. The question is all about what the opportunity is that we can take advantage of and based on our current situation can we take advantage of this opportunity.

In this video we look at an email response to someone struggling with their personal life looking to start a business to get into a better place.

0:00 Chapters
0:25 About this video
1:00 Email
1:45 Response to situations
2:30 Overview steps to starting a business
3:25 Logic and Risk Mitigation
4:20 Emotions and how to respond
5:30 Opportunities and thought process
6:42 Fear factor and making decisions
7:13 Budgeting personal and business
8:10 Asking for unbiased planning help
9:13 Asking for unbiased help by a specialist
10:40 Investments and always look for them

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  1. I work at a bank, and a lot of people started businesses. With different circumstances there’s different demands for the consumer and needs. A lot of creative people out there taking advantage of opportunities and needs