Setting Career Priorities

Setting Career Priorities

Setting career priorities often takes time to develop. Our process in developing our long term plan takes many turns before we figure out some kind of direction. Creating priorities takes a back seat OR takes a super front seat limiting our personal and family needs.

In this video I explain some solid ways to start thinking how life is, how it should be, and how to start setting career priorities the easy way!

My life needs fixing series address the small things we can do to make our life better!

How to Set Priorities:

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Looking at these in detail will launch us in the right direction.

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One Comment on “Setting Career Priorities”

  1. There was a country music song that was popular in the 80s about knowing when to roll em and knowing when to walk away.. and knowing when to run… last time i tried having a job in my tech industry they knew i was outsourced the day they gave me my offer, and they knew it was happening in 90 days only.. yikes eh? any way.. it's important to trust your gut, this is it man.. self awareness and trusting your gut is so important.. we might think the job should be held onto but at the end of the day nope listen to your gut, that ache that buttery-fly can't be ignored.. get the FUCK out when your gut says it's time to go.. 😉

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