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Minimum Price: USD 3.00

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Submit your question for a Youtube response and yes, I will email you back with your question along with more details. Please make note that you should not include personal information. Be descriptive but keep it to around 250 words or I will summarize it.

These are contribution questions meaning when you submit your question it is about how much you appreciate the work that is being done. The amount of money you choose to pay is entirely up to you!

*** special note***

I thank everyone for the continued support. As this website grows we will continue to support all people the best we can. If you are not able to pay for any of the sessions please support our growth by paying any amount you see fit and provide your email response. We will do our best to respond to your situation in a timely manner over YouTube. It will be responded!

If you appreciate the work and would like to support the growth to this member supported site we appreciate your help in our growth!