Coach Call

Select a 45 Minute Coach call (Phone) session that will focus on Immediate Impact Coaching.

This immediate impact coaching strategy addresses you immediate need for a solution to a problem, dilemma, or situation. We analyze the issue at hand and focus on the top 3 best options. Relating them back to your integrity, values, life principles and life purpose, we help you discover the best option to choose from. This session looks into your habits to help find the areas of need for improvement to help you start making the right decisions at the right time.
We will help you in areas of life that you need growth with. From starting a business, to career to life and all its awesomeness. Getting you centered, back on the horse, and finding that self love you have been looking for. Below is small list of the many things we work on.
*note:  cancellations must be requested by email. Your spot will be cancelled and another email will be sent for access to setup a new appointment. There is a $45 fee for cancellation in 24 hour period. Only one cancellation per appointment is allowed.
  • starting your own business
  • entrepreneurship
  • strategy
  • growing your business
  • leadership
  • sales training
  • team building
  • success mind set
  • changing careers
  • moving up in the company
  • career growth
  • skill set improvement
    communication skills
  • overcome life challenges
  • overcome limited beliefs
  • mind set change
  • develop character improvements
  • improve decision making skills
  • find your center and grow to the new you
  • habit analysis and change
  • overcoming a narcissist
  • understanding relationships
  • understanding current situation
  • creating a process to fix a relationship
  • relationship skill sets
  • dating and growing relationships

USD 300.00