Planning Before Investing Back Into Your Business

Planning Before Investing Back Into Your Business

Planning to invest back into your business is a process. It’s not a lets guess at what is best and go for it. Its a critical decision that will be a decision in its self. We need to make calculated decisions and at that, make sure we are understanding the potential ROI for every dollar invested. Planning is critical and we need to be aware of the risks that come with every dollar invested. In essence we don’t need to be spending money wastefully not knowing the end results.

In this video we look at this idea of planning to invest back into you business through proper mindset of investing our money and not blindly spending our money.

0:20 Intro
1:00 Decision Thought process
1:30 Mission and Purpose (focus is marketing)
2:30 Critical Questions and Lists of Ideas
3:15 What can we do and are spending money?
4:15 Justification on decisions and ROI
5:30 Research TOP 3 and detail requirements
6:00 What is your value and should this be your focus?
6:27 Investing time, energy and money for ROI
7:27 Final Thoughts

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  1. How are ya? This is so funny, you have a talent. Seriously unbelievable, adore this! Thanks a million! I'm a new creator. Subbed!