My Business Failed During Lockdown | Email Response and How to Deal

My Business Failed During Lockdown | Email Response and How to Deal

4 steps to recover quicker if your business failed do to lock downs and you can’t get moving watch this now! “My business failed during the pandemic” or “my business failed during the lockdowns” will be popular terms in years to come. If you know someone who’s business failed or is failing and they are struggling share this video with them.

This video comes from an email by someone who lost their business due to lockdowns. My take on the businesses failing situation and what you can do to jump start a better move forward. Making the right decision at the right time is critical and in this video we explore how to think in the situation you might be in with 4 steps all revolving around time, energy and money, how you invest the three and how to understand your return on the decisions you might be making.

0:00 Intro
0:25 About this video
1:12 Reading the email
1:30 About this situation – how to think and how to deal
2:45 Step 1: Acceptance of what is and what is best right now
3:50 Step 2: End the Story!!! Time to move forward!
5:25 Step 3: Moving Forward. Where are the opportunities?
7:38 Step 4: What is the opportunity and what is your exit strategy?
8:24 Exit strategy and emotional control
9:25 Get the information you need to make decisions
9:51 Recap and step by step and best advice

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