Investing Into Marketing For Your Business

Investing Into Marketing For Your Business

Investing into marketing for you business can be tricky. Time and time again we see people not doing the research, not doing the planning, and not focusing on what they need. Rather than investing into their business, they are spending money on their business. The spend becomes high and then they give up with no ROI what so ever. The idea of investing into marketing should be a step by step approach that makes sense for you business. Sometimes it may be the skill set that you need to hire for. We can’t do it all. Just because we see something and think it will work for our business doesn’t mean we have the capabilities to pull it off. Hiring thus becomes a must.

In this video we look at this idea of planning to invest into marketing for you business before you start investing or spending money.

0:20 Intro
1:05 The No Plan Dilemma
1:35 What is it you are trying to achieve?
2:04 Mindset Process for ROI
2:45 What is your business model?
3:40 What are other people and companies doing?
4:16 What is the pattern you can find from others?
4:52 What are the action steps you need to develop a similar patter?
5:55 What do you actually need to do and should someone else need to do it?
7:00 Underestimating the time requirement
8:10 Step by step recommendation
9:00 Steps to making a plan for clients and mindset

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