Invest Back Into Your Business or Keep Playing the Stock Market?

Invest Back Into Your Business or Keep Playing the Stock Market?

Invest back into your business now or wait? This question is a critical one as people are stuck in a state of limbo with the closures. At the same time, people have also been busy investing in the stock market or other forms of investments/side hassles to make that extra cash.

You maybe the person who did nothing and is waiting. In this scenario, some have lost their businesses and others are trying to survive waiting for the right time to invest more into their business hoping not lose it all with another closure. At the same time some have found opportunity and have been seeing growth but are not sure how long the party will go.

The question then begs, how do we know if it is time to invest back into the business or wait? In this video I run through 5 steps that you can work through today to make this decision easier.

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