I am Too Creative | Self Limiting Beliefs “part 9”

I am Too Creative | Self Limiting Beliefs “part 9”

I am Too Creative | Self Limiting Beliefs part 9: In this video we look at the idea behind the self limiting beliefs of being to creative. When people say I am too creative it is usually followed by I can’t do the numbers. The term I am too creative can usually lead us to a world of pain as we get older. As we try to achieve big goals, we are hindered by abilities to act on or rather take the opportunity to complete the tasks that are more analytical. We find this allot with people trying to start a business or take care of their own finances. One would rather look at the creative work as a priority not taking the time to learn the skill sets needed to succeed in the analytical side of things.

The 3 questions to ask before giving up on yourself can help clarify your view, understanding and how you identify with this self limiting belief and how to get moving past it and in the right direction.

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