How to make the right decision after the fact. Disappointments of life Q-A Youtube Response

How to make the right decision after the fact. Disappointments of life Q-A Youtube Response

How to make the right decisions after the fact of that high expectation and that big disappointment. Never easy and never a right or wrong decision. Emotions dictate the overall notion and the question is what is next. In this video we talk about the logic, the emotion, and how to make the right decision. A Youtube email response from someone who is going through something that people can relate too.

Being Disappointed and How it All Works

Blaming Myself for Everything. Negative Self Talk and how to Grow the Positive

Losing my Passion. When Things are NOT Working out as Planned

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  1. she could end up wasting as much time getting out of rock bottom as she has spent unhappy in her marriage if she doesn't make decisions and make changes sooner than later. amirite?