How to Get to a Better Place When Thigs are Going Well

How to Get to a Better Place When Thigs are Going Well

Are you in a good place right now? Want to be in a better place? In this video we explore the idea behind how to get to a better place from a being a in a good place. How to get to get to a better place when things are going good usually involves looking at aspects that are going well and can get better or things that aren’t going well and need to get better. Generally speaking, most people will feel they are in a good place because their life in general is a good place. This means on average most aspects of their life is just good. This video walks through the idea of going from a good place to a better place by analyzing those things that are good and making them better while continuing to fix those things that need fixing.

I encourage you to watch all the videos even if you are not in the situation. Understanding each others situation can give us opportunities we didn’t think about.

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