He doesn’t want to get married. What can I do?

He doesn’t want to get married. What can I do?

Marriage is something not to rush in. Sometimes marriage isn’t for everyone. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. If we want to get married then we need to meet someone who has the same values as us. Values in marriage, family, children, etc. Waiting around for someone to be ready is a bad game plan. Time is something we can’t get back. Falling in love for potential will almost always lead to disappointment. In the email response, I explain my opinion on sticking around waiting for someone to finally say yes to marriage. After 6 years and a child things are super complicated and emotions are crazy.

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  1. When i was 14 i knew i never wanted to get married and have no kids!!! My current gf tried to preszure me into marriage. I told her that im a product of a bad marriage!!!