Feeling Lost in Life? How to Motivate and Grow in Business, Careers and Relationships

Feeling Lost in Life? How to Motivate and Grow in Business, Careers and Relationships

Feeling lost in life is a horrible feeling. Our mindset hovers in a state of void while it tries to figure out what to do next. Depression, anxiety and all the negative feelings fill up. Motivating ourselves to grow in any aspect of life is critical. Business, careers, and relationships all work in the same manner. We cannot sit back and let time tick away. The narrative plays a critical role in all of this. Mindset feeds the narrative and the narrative intern feeds the mindset!

We look at this in this video and give a task to see it in action!

First task here:

Blaming Myself for Everything. Negative Self Talk and how to Grow the Positive

Losing my Passion. When Things are NOT Working out as Planned

Check out:

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Check out these videos!

No Struggle. No Strength

Everyone has their OWN perception of you

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

Your Perception Determines your Reality

Asking people you know for help. Asking the right people for advice!

Who should you ask for help? Finding the right type of person for the help you need!

Asking for help is a STRENGTH:

Check out videos in the series Winning Mentality in 2018:

Setting the right goals and starting FRESH:

Setting Goals, NICHE down, and Changing Focus: Winning Mentality in 2018:

I haven’t achieved my goals in 2018 :

Winning Mentality in 2018: https://goo.gl/TpzoAE

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  1. it does happen to all of us, and i think happening to all of us is part of how it is.

    if you're not double checking i think that means you're not error correcting too.