Fear Always EXISTS: Making decisions without FEAR

Fear Always EXISTS: Making decisions without FEAR

Fear always exists! It is part of our daily lifestyle. This is not because we want fear to be there but because fear remains a part of us as long as we allow it to. That is to say, that fear is driven by our ego. We need to recognize fear first exists, accept it, then deal with letting it go. Fear is just part of life. In this video we explore some tips on dealing with fear, how to make decisions without fear, and how to see life as an opportunity.

Questions to be asked: does fear always exist? Does fear really exist? How to deal with fear? Ho to stop making decisions out of fear? Does the ego exist? Eckhart Tolle and the Ego, why does he talk about it? What is the ego? How to stop fear of change?

These questions help us understand the ego and fear and how we need to continually work to make changes out of love and not fear.

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