Dealing with Low YouTube Subscribers Talk. How do I stay Motivated?

Dealing with Low YouTube Subscribers Talk. How do I stay Motivated?

Dealing with low subscribers on Youtube or followers on any platform for that matter can be incredibility challenging. This video focuses on how I stay motivated when dealing with low Youtube Subscribers is the name of the game. Last video was similar but we dive more in depth with subscriber counts. The goal is finding what motivation triggers will arise as you start to work through the process of trying something new, seeing uncanny results, and then finding sub reasoning for wanting to continue and work on the challenge.

I have four different steps to follow that might bring more light to how your mindset can really find a change in the positive direction. Take your time with this as it doesn’t come up over night. If you have a question drop it in the comments and we will address it.

Opportunity comes knocking more often than we think. Discover your path with these steps and get moving in the right direction to find that purpose you are looking for.

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  1. How do you deal with low subscribers? Low followers? What are some things you have tried to get you moving in the right direction?