Course Lounge Application

In efforts to help people with the epidemic we are currently faced with, is giving away free lifetime access to the course content being developed.  

Please note that courses are not fully completed. Documents and videos are being uploaded daily.  In efforts to help with the situation at hand, we have decided to launch earlier and work with those that need that help. All the feedback provided will go back into the course development. 

This offer includes:

  • All courses available and being developed
  • All material available and being developed for the courses
  • The Free Facebook Group Live coach calls and answered questions inside the FB Group
  • Discounts on coach calls and other products in the future

Please Complete the Application

After submitting this application you will be emailed with information to access to the course content and after review an email will be sent by one of the team members for follow up questions and the process to gain access to the Facebook Group.

Again, our goal is to help individuals currently in need with their business during the current situation we are being faced with. Constructive feedback will help strengthen this program, community and overall learning environment. The form provides us with the best opportunity to help with the current situation.  No information will be given to third parties nor shared with other individuals.