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About Application Courses

Application courses are created to put all theory into action. These courses have both the theory from the MAP courses and the specific examples of launching your Idea into profits. The goal here is to create a more clear picture of how things fit together. 

As you work through the courses you will be supported with the theory through the in-depth courses. Each course has been designed to give you a deeper understanding of the theory and how to apply it to your idea.

We have different online private communities created to get the support needed to complete your courses and and see success both with personal and business related goals. 

Our coaching and mentoring packages are designed to assist individuals with the specific needs in their progress both from a personal and business aspect.  Community and Live events are enough support to complete the courses and see progress however, we encourage all to try sessions as they see fit. 

Participate in your own saving. It’s the line we need to remember. No one will do it for you, unless of course you pay them. The goal here is to do your best, work to get help, and see positive movement forward. Sometimes the idea just doesn’t work or isn’t as fun or isn’t as successful. Take your learning and start a new idea!

Start With the Application Courses

Start from the beginning and work through the course

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Review the specific In-Depth courses when you need the details


There are tons of material in these courses. Prioritizing is critical.

Review In-Depth Courses

Everyone is different, with a different idea, and a different timeline.

Apply the Learning

Application is critical. Even we are making calculated decisions or just trial and trial and error the goal is to see progress.

Review In-Depth Courses

Come back to the group and ask your questions. Success or failure we need questions answered to see progress.

Repeat the Process

As they say, repetition is the mother of skill. We intend to see you succeed so get ready to repeat certain parts of your business processes.

Finish Line?

There isn't one. There is no end to this process. We just keep making things better. Unless of course you sell the business after you make it profitable.

Application Courses

How to Get Started With Paid Courses

Purchase the Courses or Join a Membership

The MAP courses have been designed for the strategic growth of an idea from inception to launch, and of course, full scalability. The steps in each course are designed to help everyone, from novices to experts. You are able to just purchase the courses with lifetime access and updates OR join the membership that gives you lifetime access to the courses and 1 year access to the program community features.

Start with Lounge or MAP Community Access

These courses are all FREE for members. The Members Lounge Access includes community support online. The MAP Members Plan is a fully supported program, with one-on-one coach calls to supplement the self learning process, and launch!

*standard packages apply for non-customized clients

Get Added Supportive Growth with our 1-1 Services

Courses are given free with access to lounge or MAP community access on selected long term supportive 1 on 1 packages. Our goal is to see our members grow and find success. Providing the community access with the supportive growth success rate increases will be ralized.
*standard packages apply for non-customized clients

The Easy Roadmap to Success


Please watch the video and download the Roadmap to help you align your current needs with your idea launch or scaling. Please note, the goal is growth not perfection. Our goal is to see success in each and everyone of you. Review, ask questions, and give feedback!

In Depth Courses

Future Course Are Growing

These are courses that are planned for future development. They will be completed in 2024. The goal with these courses is provide the fundamentals that will enable any creative entrepreneur to take the opportunity to learn and apply to their idea.

Please make a request should you believe another course should be added to this list. Clearly we have to prioritize based on needs and wants of the community.

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