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Starting a Business? Why can’t my family support me?

Starting a business is challenging to say the least. When we begin working towards starting a business we must plan accordingly for all business matters such that we can continually see success.  A series of collective wins boosts moral and hope changes to confidence. Maintaining a supportive group around us is often overlooked when starting a business. One of the biggest questions I often get asked by people in a startup or starting a business involves “Why do people not support me?”.  More specifically “Why does my family not support me?”.  A lot of time the issue arises from the spouse who they themselves fear the possibility of failure. The question we should be asking is “Why do we need our family and loved ones to support us?”. We should in theory not need this support from the external but only from the internal.

How does fear play a role with support?

Fear is an interesting part of human nature. We fear things that we need not fear at all. Our mind plays out a created scenario in a our head and the obsession of replaying it in our head creates a self limiting habit that destroys our opportunities for success. I have spent many coach sessions working with people to adjust their mind set such that new habits are created that do not rely on the support of others.

Why is good communication critical:

In the following video, I review an email by a viewer asking me to help in explaining how to deal with family and lack of support when starting a business. My walk through explains many aspects of the situation and how to deal with it but also how to make a complete mind change.  How to deal with the fear and how use communication to make things better. The way to continually grow support is by actively growing our communication skills. Without proper communication many issues will arise including trust and jealousy.

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What is Relationship Coaching?

Let’s face it, we are all waiting for that one person to show up and not screw it all up. We can only do one thing and that is to better ourselves in the art of dating and relationships.  But is that the best we can do? Focus on dating and relationships? If we focus on this aspect alone we are only giving ourselves enough leverage to miss out on large opportunities that will be regretted in the future.  Developing relationships is an inner to outward process where the focus should be on bettering ourselves to the point where we can love ourselves. Then, when the right people come along, emotional intelligence will dictate when and how to make the right moves. Relationship coaching enables the opportunity for such growth.

Relationship coaching

Our one hour coach calls typically deal with a current situation that need guidance. Relationship coaching includes working through problematic isolated situations in relationships, long term deficiencies in the relationships, crashing marriages, family issues, dating issues, etc.  Our session works towards finding the best opportunities that can reclaim the respect and love within the relationship.

Relationship Mentoring:

Relationship coaching through our mentorship program is a prolonged process by which a client walks through developing the skill sets to better themselves first and then apply that new found self love in creating well rounded happy relationships. A typical client will learn the tools and techniques to vastly increase their emotional intelligence, analyze personal and relationship issues and build proper integrity and self respect. Over a period of four months the development is aim at achieving certain goals that were set out in the first month.

Take the time to grow through relationship issues. Address immediate issues that are causing massive road blocks.  Research sites on relationship coaching and different tools and techniques to try on your own before meeting the a relationship coach.

Definition of Relationship coaching: