BuddyBoss Course and Group Overview

For Everyone

We created a course and group for individuals and businesses to find a place to learn and grow with. The group is structured to support the growth through community. We offer services through satnerhosting.com for BuddyBoss but understand that budget can get in the way. Thus, we created this group to help out for those who are restricted on budget

Has its Own Group

The group is meant to be a place for everyone to share, ask questions, answer questions, and see everyone grow. Please take the time to read the rules of the group. We are monitoring and we want to see the group successfully grow. Our intent is to answer questions as we move along however, the bigger goal is to see the community grow through supportive members.

Free Group and Free Course

This course and group is currently free. Our intent is to keep it that way. Of course there will be offers along the way for other products Mentorsapprach.com and Satnerhosting.com offer. That being said, the goal is provide information and a free group that people can share, ask questions and grow. Lives will happen both in this group specific and in the other free groups so please join!

Who Benefits From This Course?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to start making the right decisions at the right time. It is created for those who want to build integrity, stick to their word, and finally start saying NO when they mean it. Saying no can be tricky, because of course, we need to stick to the NO and keep our words. 

Making the right decisions at the right time is a continual challenge that tests our integrity, our self worth, and of course our ability to control our emotions. 

Emotional control is the name of the game. Are you responding or reacting to things that come your way. If you don’t know then this course is for you!

Does This Course Take Time?

It is a long course with over 60 lessons and several hours of content. There will be more content given. This course is not one of those let’s get the material over with and lets practice. It is created with a step by step approach to put practice into play such that new habits will form. 

Our advice is to go through it once, complete a self analysis, and then return to each section to work through the aspects you need to work on most. 

Join the group and get the discussions going that you need more information on. Again, this is a self learning process and we learn the most from others.

Does This Course Have a Group?

This course has it’s own group to deal with the different aspects that don’t relate to business, tech or other subjects. This course deals with the idea behind the mindset and can relate to other subjects but not 100% each time. We will create more subgroups as we go through this process. Aga