My Husband Wants Me to Stop Trading Stocks | Stock Market Fears

My Husband Wants Me to Stop Trading Stocks | Stock Market Fears

With the stock market booming, relationships and the lack of communication is breaking people apart. No fault alone on the stock market of course, this is all due to emotional ups and downs that people are dealing with day in and day out. With the pandemic changing life in one way or another forever, we need to take a step back and ask ourselves what are we really doing and why, while understanding the results we are getting from our decisions.

With the risk factor increasing everyday on whether or not the stock market will take a tumble, people are in arguments more now then ever. Relationships are taking a hit all do to fear. One one end, someone is in fear of losing it all, where on the other side, someone is in fear of missing out on not making more. Gambling is a horrible drug especially when we don’t see it is gambling (when times are good we don’t see it). In this video I walk through the idea of how communication is needed for two people to succeed through these emotional rollercoasters, how logic can achieve this better communication, and of course, how we can move into the future making better decisions at the right time.

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