How to Stay Motivated with Change in 2021 | Time For Change

How to Stay Motivated with Change in 2021 | Time For Change

Time for change? This video looks at the idea behind “Time for Change”, the steps to take for that change, and how to know it is time for change. Our goal is to analyze the process and become more aware of the reality we are faced with and how to adjust accordingly such that we are able to find the success we are looking for.

Remember that change will happen when it is meant to happen. Sometimes we want change but we can get change moving. Forcing it just won’t make change happen. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves do we really want change and what are we willing to invest to get that change.

0:00 Chapters
0:23 About the the video
1:10 Reading the email
2:01 Step 1: What is change? How important is the change?
2:30 Step 2: What is the change? Do we want the change?
3:25 Step 3: What tasks do we need to do? How do we start for progress.
4:51 Step 4: Accountability checks. How to be accountable?
5:51 Step 5: Take responsibility for our actions.
6:50 External factors and making change thought process.
7:30 Our perceptions of the world and how we react or respond.
9:54 Recap

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