How to deal with toxic people. My Narcissist Wife

How to deal with toxic people. My Narcissist Wife

My Narcissist Wife is toxic! How to deal with toxic people and how to survive.

Toxic people can ruin our lives in a flash. Where everything is going great and love is in the air the tables turn without us realizing it. Toxic people need to be removed at all costs as they take away our biggest possession, our happiness! Responding to an email from someone wondering how to deal with his narcissistic wife who has sucked the life out of him and does not see divorce as an option because of the kids. I share my opinion on the matter and the options to deal with this situation especially when feeling stuck with kids and no where to go.

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  1. Are you crazy? Dont ever tell a father to leave the home like this. That look so bad in divorce court, the guy will lose his kids for sure. No. Fathers, you stay, and you fight however you can. FIle for divorce, but post your ass up in the house, and THEN go from there. You leave, it looks like you abandoned your family.

  2. SOOO true what you said about how you don't know until about 90 days or so.. i remember my ex g/f said to me: "my relationships don't last more than 4 months" .. i was thinking "great, i'm going to prove that i'm good enough to stay for longer than that" … WRONG RESPONSE.. i should have taken it as a sign that she starts to flip the script around that time.. and she did.. i just tried to hold on for months after that and it was just CRAP

  3. Guys please don’t confuse narcissist with psychopathy. A psychopath is not the person that goes around killing people as we have seen in the movies, domesticated psychopaths are individuals that aren’t able to show empathy for others, they are unable to sympathize with the way other people feel and are constantly looking for what went wrong or what isn’t good and use that to inflict pain in loved ones.

  4. My wife don't clean the house , don't take care of herself as far as hygiene, grooming, she's at times depressed, anti-social. I have to do laundry , scrub toilet and bath cause her idiot son spits all over the sink, pees on the floor and leaves buggers in the bath. This year we had sex a total of 2 times. I've lost my physique, my sex drive, attractiveness, she makes me negative sometime cause of their anti socialism and my step son is an idiot omg u would not believe if I told u. Married for 2 years, I want a divorce and full custody of my 3 month old son, she's not a citizen of this country she said she don't want a citizenship. Now do I get full custody of my son and walk away?

  5. Listen to him and listen well, because he's 100% on the money. It's freaking creepy how accurately he illustrates his points. I wish I had this guy as a mentor when I was 18 months into my current relationship, as he would've saved me about 8 years of utter grief. In my experience, the main goal of the narcissist partner is to use you as a medium to bring security to their otherwise insecure life and personality. The only way they can do that is to take your strongest traits and turn them into your biggest faults, then use them as an indicator of their own success. You will never make a functional relationship with a narcissist, because a narcissist has bigger issues than you, and by default, they lack the capacity to acknowledge it. If you choose to remain in a relationship with someone who's afflicted by this disease, expect to hate yourself until your dying day.

  6. Yep I’m with one the way I deal with it is that I have accepted the worse.
    I don’t accept anything but the worst situation.
    Would you believe that this person goes to church every week