How to Always Keep a Positive Mindset. Is it Possible?

How to Always Keep a Positive Mindset. Is it Possible?

Always keeping a positive mindset is the goal. Many videos exist on how to always keep a positive mindset. Is it even possible though? Many different approaches exist to achieve this status but the sad reality is that very few achieve this. Positive mindset is an on going progressive growth process that takes time, effort and a lot of energy. It should also be noted that the goal posts move on what is that we are looking for. Our goals change as we change. Our goals change as our an environment changes. It is clear with how things have progressed through the lock downs that some challenges have made it even harder to reach those original goals that people had. So new goals are being formed with a lot of unknows.

In this video we look at the idea behind someone wanting to help their spouse stay positive while things seem to be getting worse and worse.

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