Feeling Guilty When We Leave Friends Behind

Feeling Guilty When We Leave Friends Behind

Feeling guilty when we leave friends behind is part of life. It happens to everyone. You meet someone new, start a relationship, start a business, go back to school, start a new career, move, etc. and all the sudden your focus has changes. Priorities will change based on what is happening in life. In today’s video we look at this idea and how to deal with the guilt.

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  1. Life isn’t just about “enjoyment”. Why happens when your society is under attack by an enemy and your fiends refuse to stand tall and fight? I can’t stand the company of people who don’t care about real issues. I hate all my fiends since the election. I realized all they care about is comfort. They’re all selfish cowards. All they want to do is watch football while our children are raped and murdered. Cowardly men should be humiliated and punished. “Friends” “fun” “happiness”. What happened to duty, honor, courage?