DON’T be a prisoner of your PAST! Accept the past and look for opportunity

DON’T be a prisoner of your PAST!   Accept the past and look for opportunity

Don’t be a prisoner of your past! We forget that life should be easy because we fall into this prisoner with the past mentality. Accepting the past for what it is and looking for opportunity will guide us through it.

In this video we dive into the why and the how it all works to grow back into the person we used to be!

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Looking at these in detail will launch us in the right direction.

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  1. Regret, this it man, you hang on to the things that you knew better than to get into.

    betrayal is one thing, getting into a personal or professional relationship when your gut tells you "GTFO!!" (or when your gut screams) is one of the best excuses to let your thoughts and emotions get stuck in the past.

    i have found the best way to get beyond those nagging regretful betrayals, is to really focus on staying aware of your reactions to your own thoughts, it all starts with self awareness, eventually after getting used to keeping track of your state of being you start being able to notice when the regretful-histrionics start kicking in and messing with you. eventually you get to forgive yourself for going back there again and again, until you are able just laugh it off… when you get to that point where you can laugh it off you're well on your way to getting beyond that past and not thinking about it as a regretful thing…