Career Decisions How to decide on your career

Career Decisions  How to decide on your career

Deciding on a career is tough. One of the most mind boggling decisions we are asked to make and we are asked too early to even know what our true passion is. During high school we are going through many changes. We are entering into a self awareness stage where we take in all the information from those around us and we try to find relative meaning to it. Our parents are usually the go to but as we move through the grades we meet teachers, friends and other people who provide their insights. Sometimes they differ from what we were raised by.

In the following video I answer a student’s question on finding a direction when picking a career. The confusion is not really in the difficulty of picking the career but in the lack of knowledge to make a choice aligned with personal self growth and values. From trying to accept what their parents and counselors are telling them to do to finding a connection to something they enjoy, I share some ideas to drive purpose and integrity in making the right choices to find a more clear direction in their career.

We will live the rest of our lives with the critical decisions we need to make at this early stage in our life. With more knowledge of what exists we can align it to our personal values, needs, and wants. It is the happy life we are all after. Start it smart!

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