Anthony Bourdain and Asking for Help

Anthony Bourdain and Asking for Help

Huge shock as we woke up to hearing about the passing of Anthony Bourdain. I chose to make this video as it is something we are seeing all too often. Someone who looks to be fine and well on the outside only to see this conclusion to an incredible person. This took me back because I was a huge fan, idolized his career and the great things he did to connect food, people, and places around the world.

In this video we visit the idea behind people and the need to be asking for help when we need it most!

Begging for help? When is it really begging? Do these 3 things instead

Asking people you know for help. Asking the right people for advice!

Who should you ask for help? Finding the right type of person for the help you need!

Asking for help is a STRENGTH:

When NOT to ask for help:

Asking for help and the why:

When to ask for help and how:

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