Begging for help? When is it really begging? Do these 3 things

Begging for help? When is it really begging? Do these 3 things

Begging for help is really an idea people have in their heads. Is there such a thing as begging? Well of course. However, the question we need to ask: what is begging and are we doing it? In this video we look at what begging for help is vs what asking for help is, how getting the advice you need is just a fear and 3 things to help you start moving in the right direction.

Asking people you know for help. Asking the right people for advice!

Who should you ask for help? Finding the right type of person for the help you need!

Asking for help is a STRENGTH:

When NOT to ask for help:

Asking for help and the why:

When to ask for help and how:

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