Am I on the Right path? How to Say NO without Regret

Am I on the Right path?  How to Say NO without Regret

Am I on the Right path? How to Say NO without Regret: in this video we look at the idea of being on the right path with direction. Saying no is critical and of course how to say no without regret is crucial when trying to find success on that path. The idea here is that while we are on a path opportunities come knocking. When we don’t have direction we are making decisions emotionally more than rationally. As we find direction, these decisions are made more and more with the rational side. We start setting goals based on the success criteria we are look to achieve. Purpose and that destination is the big goal. Opportunities come and naturally we tend to still have emotions creep in not allowing us to say no when we have to. Does the opportunity align with our purpose? If so, say yes, other wise we need to say no. Saying it and doing are two different things, and of course, if success is not realized, then the yes or no can be come a regret.

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