2019 and the GOAL Process to Success: Goal setting hacks

2019 and the GOAL Process to Success: Goal setting hacks

2019 and the Goal Process to Success: In this video we look at the idea behind the goal process to success in 2019. Every year we make new year resolutions and every year (average person) does not achieve them. It isn’t a hard stat to find and of course we can see this everywhere. Check out your local gym now vs in 2 months for some real time evidence.

This goal process get’s you moving in the direction to find the success you were looking for. It is change on a long term basis. Short term vs long term is subjective and we focus on this year as a long term goal process so we can finish 2019 with a success. Breaking down the years in quarters gets us moving in the right direction through accountability. By being authentic we can start focusing on this accountability and take the opportunities as they come. Purpose is something we must all strive towards focusing on. This video walks through the process helping us tackle the important requirements to getting moving in the right direction.

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